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Drupal more than a CMS

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Monday, January 20, 2014 - 11:00
Lab ING-205

English: In this session the drupal newbies can know the functionality and resources are available inside this CMS
Español: En esta charla los nuevos usuarios de Drupal pueden conocer la funcionalidad y recursos que se disponen dentro de este CMS

Brief Description: 

English: In this session Drupal beginners will have a clearer concept and perspective of what to do through this content manager system, here we will see what are the nodes, menus, blocks, taxonomy, users, permissions, roles, regions among other things, concepts that are new to those who start.
Espanol: En esta charla los nuevos usuarios Drupal tendrán un concepto y perspectiva mas clara de lo que se puede hacer a través de este sistema manejador de contenido, aquí veremos lo que son los nodos, menús, bloques, taxonomías, usuarios, permisos, roles, regiones entre otras cosas, conceptos que son nuevos para quienes empiezan.

Speaker's Biography: 
Ing. Computer System - Manager fo Linux System at GAD Municipality from Loja (Goverment) - CEO DRW SolucioneS - Manager of Group Drupal Ecuador - Promote of Free Software at FLISOL events - Member of Software Libre Community from Loja - LOXALIBRE - Organizer of Drupal Summit Latino Loja 2013