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Tutorial: Custom Field Types in Drupal 7

Everyone uses Drupal's field system, but few engage the power of creating custom field types. Some have complained about the perceived inefficiency of Drupal 7's database schema, and proposed alternatives like 'pbs' module have failed to take hold, perhaps because there is a better way. Developers who want to implement complex, multi-value fields, or who wish to maximize control of database schemas for fields need to understand the Field APIs to be presented in this workshop.

Knock out the Drupal Themer: Pure HTML front-ends with Knockout.js

Improvements to delievery of Web services with Drupal, in both Core and contrib, along with trends toward use of Javascript MVC frameworks, open up new possibilities for building dynamic front-ends for Drupal without the need to learn the unique Drupal theme layer. Many newcomers to Drupal will be able to use Drupal's content management tools sooner by using their existings skills more fully.

Convert a Site Template to a Drupal Theme using ZURB Foundation or Twitter Bootstrap

Beginners and small Drupal web shops are always faced with budget constraints, this leads to the lack of resources to acquire a decent web design for their projects.